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"Integral! Professional! Caring! This school is amazing! I have four young children that train with Rafi. They are more self-confident, assertive and are being prepared to diffuse situations involving bullies not to mention the physical training they are receiving...very happy!"

-Irene Savakis

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"Love the training here...feels more alive...."

-Ikram Patel

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"This is an extremely dedicated group of students at the Academy led by the Canadian Director Refael Rafizada Kashani. This training is pure Krav Maga directly from Israel. Rafi is a truly professional instructor who genuinely cares for the safety and well being of anyone who trains in his classes. You will be a changed and better person every time you leave a session, both physically and mentally. His valuable real life teaching will give you more confidence to face threats of any kind. I highly recommend this organization."

-Mike Rooney

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Training with Canada's National Director, Expert Rafi Kashani, is the critical advantage that you're looking for in life-saving training.


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"I've trained with different people and I have to say that Rafi has to be one of the best. I would also highly recommend his school to every person that wants to know about "real" self defense. There is no B.S. here. Thanks Rafi."

-Ira Wolfe