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There are two easy ways to

get started with the 

five-class trial:

1. Purchase the trial in-studio for $25

- or - 

2. Purchase the trial on Groupon 


Come to class!

No need to pre-register!

                                              Check our calendar to double-check your dates...

and you're good to go!

Just arrive ten-fifteen minutes before the start of your first class. You're welcome to attend any of our scheduled weekday and weekend classes. Only special seminars are not included in the trial.


3.What sort of clothing or equipment should I bring? 

You'll need a t-shirt, athletic pants or shorts, and a pair of clean/indoor running shoes. We highly recommend that men especially have groin-protection. We sell this protection in the studio, and we can recommend outside brands as well. Please do NOT bring a jock/cup from another sport, as the coverage is usually inadequate.

Bring your coupon

to your first class!

Print-outs and Smart-phone

copies are ok.

4. I see on your schedule that you have "foundation classes." What are these? Should I only attend these classes as a beginner?

Good question! 

Foundation classes were designed with the beginner in mind. They tend to go through more basic ("foundation") material and give you more opportunity to practice these techniques in-depth. You are NOT limited to these classes. You can take any class that we offer.

You should consider taking a few foundation and a few regular classes while on your trial so that you get a sense of where you're most comfortable. 

2.How do I redeem my Groupon or WagJag?

Just bring your coupon with you as a print-out or on your Smart-phone. Easy as that.

1. Are you sure I don't need to pre-register?

Absolutely! Please check our events calendar (here) to make sure there are no class-cancellations due to special events. All you have to do is arrive ten-fifteen minutes before your first class so that we can get you set up.

Get started with a five-class trial - the beginning of life-changing events.



All new students begin with a five-class trial.

This gives you the best opportunity to discover and experience the benefits of training.