Krav Maga Training


There are two easy ways to get started with your five-class trial:

1. Purchase in-studio for $25


2. Purchase the trial through 


4. I see on your schedule that you have "foundation classes." What are these? Should I only attend these classes as a beginner?

Good question! 

Foundation classes were designed with the beginner in mind. They tend to go through more basic ("foundation") material and give you more opportunity to practice these techniques in-depth. You are NOT limited to these classes. You can take any class that we offer.

You should consider taking a few foundation and a few regular classes while on your trial so that you get a sense of where you're most comfortable. 

All new students start with a five-class trial.

This is the best way to get a sense of what the training and classes are all about.

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You can attend any of our regular classes - only special events and seminars are not included in the trial.

2.How do I redeem my Groupon or WagJag?

Just bring your coupon with you as a print-out or on your Smart-phone. Easy as that.

1. Are you sure I don't need to pre-register?

Absolutely! Please check our events calendar (here) to make sure there are no class-cancellations due to special events. All you have to do is arrive ten-fifteen minutes before your first class so that we can get you set up.

Get started with a five-class trial - the beginning of life-changing events.


Check the events calendar to double-check your dates, then come to class!

No need to pre-register!

Just arrive ten-fifteen minutes before your first class and we'll get you set up!




3.What sort of clothing or equipment should I bring? 

You'll need a t-shirt, athletic pants or shorts, and a pair of clean/indoor running shoes. We highly recommend that men especially have groin-protection. We sell this protection in the studio, and we can recommend outside brands as well. Please do NOT bring a jock/cup from another sport, as the coverage is usually inadequate.

Bring your coupon

to your first class!

Print-outs and


copies are ok.