Krav Maga - AIC Instructor Program

  • AIC is a minimum two-year program that encompasses the CIC and provides additional training
  • Professional practical and theoretical training is involved, with a minimum of eight practical modules of ten days each; theoretical material includes all CIC material, plus in-depth review of major disabilities, program design for each, Krav Maga goal-setting, and environmental considerations
  • Participants with disabilities and without disabilities are welcome to participate
  • The minimum requirement for participation (as a prerequisite) is G1 in Krav Maga
  • This certification will allow you to teach all classes and students up to and including G1 (Instructor Level 1)
  • Students entering CIC who have already attained Expert level 1 and have already completed the full CIC are required to complete two further CIC modules in order to become Expert Instructors, permitted to teach classes and students up to E1 (Instructor Level 2)
  • A clean criminal record is required; a check must be completed prior to entry into the program
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