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We offer a variety of class formats. Our group classes are very popular, and offer students an opportunity to learn a wide-range of techniques while improving their skills. You will learn, in each class, to defend yourself against real-life dangers. Classes are safe and interactive, so questions are encouraged. Beginners are welcome! Private classes are also available, and allow students to train one-on-one with an instructor. This sort of training will allow you to meet your particular needs and goals in a concentrated, intensive way. Sessions are most commonly held at our studio.

Similarly, semi-privates (two or more participants) allow students to learn practical self-defence with friends, family, or coworkers according to a program that suits unique scheduling and training needs.

We offer introductory courses for women. As mentioned in the FAQs, Krav Maga is above all a practical, street-based system, and women must ultimately train in a co-ed environment in order to be prepared for the reality of threats and dangers faced outside of the studio. Sadly, women are often the preferred targets of aggression, and are more commonly attacked by men than by women. For this reason, a system that aims to teach women to defend themselves must encourage them to train with a variety of opponents - men and women, big and small, short and tall. That being said, we recognize that entering a training environment like Krav Maga can be intimidating. For this reason, we strive to build a bridge by giving women an opportunity to learn the basics in an encouraging, women’s-only environment through some of our specialized programs

Corporate training is a special branch of training. Corporations are increasingly concerned with employee health and seek to establish wellness programs, group health-insurance, and safety training. While Rafi works with various security and law-enforcement groups, staff training is not limited to high-risk professions. Staff-members who travel frequently or work until the late evening on a frequent basis can also face threatening situations. We give members of corporate groups the practical skills and common-sense knowledge that they need in order to get home safely. Our techniques are easy to learn, easy to perform, and effective. Programs are designed to meet your organization’s specific needs, and training can be conducted at our studio or in a space that you provide. Topics of corporate training can include: safety for domestic and international travel, assault/abduction-prevention (for example, in elevators, parking lots/garages, etc.), office safety, self-defence on public transit, surviving armed robbery/assault, identifying potential dangers, how to use common objects for self-defence, de-escalating verbal and non-verbal conflict, and topics of particular concern for your group. ​

KMIA also offers training above and beyond the standard curricula; we provide, for example, CPR training for adults and survival workshops for children that deal with issues such as power-outages and family emergency kits. Our monthly seminars deal with special topics in an in-depth way, and range from home-invasion to car-jacking to safety on public transit.

Combat training is a good choice for law-enforcement personnel, military forces, and VIP protection/security guards. We teach members of these professions to defend themselves while taking into account legal restrictions. Basic self-defence is covered, and progresses to include the use of the baton as a defensive tool. The use of a firearm as an integral part of defence is also discussed, as is neutralizing attackers/specific targets and the effective use of handcuffs. All of the above is taught as elements of both team- and individual work. KMIA courses for members of high-risk professions are undertaken by law-enforcement units, special forces, and security operatives. All such courses include intensive tactical training that emulates real-life situations and on-the-spot solutions. Each combat-training course can be modified to address the specific problems and needs of the client. Our combat training and courses help students to develop high-level combat skills and provide an in-depth understanding of common threats. Our instructors have extensive operational experience, derived from years of serving and training in the Israeli Defence Forces and security services. VIP protection deals more specifically with threats of extortion, kidnapping, and more. KMIA works with highly experienced security consultants and instructors in Israel to develop courses of real applicability to those in the field. These courses are modified to fulfill the specific requirements of our clients, and can include principles of security, tactical work for individual guards, pairs, and teams, close-quarters techniques, on-foot and in-vehicle concerns, operational security planning, security sweeps, threat-identification, hand-to-hand combat, tactical firearms use, and tactical drills.

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