Krav Maga - CIC Instructor Program

  • CIC is the Civilian Instructor Course, which is the foundation of all work in Krav Maga as an instructor
  • Our CIC program stands apart from similar certifications because it is recognized by the Wingate Institute in Israel (students will receive a diploma from Wingate upon completion)
  • It is broken down into professional practical and theoretical components
  • The practical component is completed in four modules of ten days each
  • The modules include, but are not limited to: basic fundamentals of program design, drills, student-levels, self-evaluation, teaching methodology, evaluation of teaching, and more
  • The theoretical component runs concurrently with the practical modules
  • Altogether, the entire CIC program is one year in length
  • The minimum requirement for participation (as a prerequisite) is G1 in Krav Maga
  • This certification will allow you to teach all classes and students up to and including G1 (Instructor Level 1)
  • Students entering CIC who have already attained Expert level 1 and have already completed the full CIC are required to complete two further CIC modules in order to become Expert Instructors, permitted to teach classes and students up to E1 (Instructor Level 2)
  • A clean criminal record is required; a check must be completed prior to entry into the program
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