Krav Maga - MIC Instructor Program

  • MIC is the Military Instructor Course and is delivered in four modules of four days each
  • The program includes use of weapons in both cold and active format, weapon troubleshooting/malfunction, moving from military work to Krav Maga and vice versa, safe search methods, team deployment, opening corners and entering premises, VIP protection, takedowns and controls, counter-terrorism, hostage-release, urban fighting, field fighting, hand-to-hand combat, and more
  • The course involves a comprehensive test; upon completion, participants are able to work in the capacity of a MIC Krav Maga instructor to military units
  • Prerequisites are organized into two streams:
    Stream 1: part of Expert level 1 training and certification
    Stream 2: if you’re an active member of the military at officer level or higher, and an active trainer/educator
  • Post-certification requirements: the MIC certification is valid only as long as the candidate participates in a minimum of two classes per week at a KMIA studio and completes a yearly MIC refresher course with KMIA
  • A clean criminal record is required; a check must be completed prior to entry into the program
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