Krav Maga - WIC Instructor Program

  • Like the CIC, this is a one-year program that prepares candidates to lead Krav Maga classes
  • Basic theoretical and practical material is shared with CIC, but there is additional material that pertains specifically to women’s experiences
  • Candidates will become familiar with the statistics regarding crimes committed against women, as well as the dynamics of those crimes, and the pertinent preventative Krav Maga techniques
  • Psychological realities created by the difference in men’s and women’s experiences will be explored, along with pertinent training techniques that can mitigate related stresses
  • Students who have successfully completed a CIC are eligible to transfer credits upon completion of an entry exam
  • This certification will allow you to teach women’s partner classes and women’s only classes up to and including G1 (Instructor Level 1)
  • A clean criminal record is required; a check must be completed prior to entry into the program
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