Military Training

In service of those who sacrifice for the nation


Our program is designed and overseen by Rafi Kashani, a former member of the Special Forces in the Israeli Defence Forces, who has worked with law-enforcement personnel in Israel and Canada for over a decade.


Training on the individual and unit level yields more precise and timely completion of duty.


We emphasize cardiovascular and muscular endurance that extends beyond the gym and directly impacts soldiers’ performance and efficiency.


This includes precise modifications to techniques that allow officers to “read” venues and respond to various levels of threat accurately, quickly, and appropriately.


Our training reduces officer injury and unnecessary collateral damage.


A strong emphasis on conditioning, specialized technique, and a problem-solving situational approach yields more effective performance of duty.

Military Training

This specialized branch of Krav Maga is designed to increase the efficiency of military units. A multifaceted approach allows us to address key elements of military operation: precision training for individuals (including enhanced fighting fitness, improved reaction time, and armed/unarmed combat skills), and tactical movement at the unit level. Reduction of human and asset loss and increased efficiency across all operational levels is the aim of this branch of training.

Topics covered in military training include, but are not limited to:

  • tactical behaviour on the individual and team levels
  • team-building and effective leadership strategies
  • cold and typical use of weapons, weapon-guarding
  • individual and team movement in close quarters, opening corners, coordination of movement with K9 units
  • transitioning seamlessly to/from military techniques and Krav Maga as necessary
  • VIP protection
  • counter-terrorism: identification of threats, threat-response, hostage scenarios, dealing with bystanders, differentiation between bystander and terrorist, topographics, heavy equipment training, evacuation of casualties, CPR, and First Aid
  • coordination of first responders, covers, and second/third responders
  • techniques in cases of explosives and multiple injuries
  • active shooters, suicide bombers
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