Krav Maga - PIC Instructor Program

  • PIC is the Police Instructor Course and is delivered in four modules of four days each
  • The program includes use of weapons in both cold and active format, weapon troubleshooting/malfunction, moving from police work to Krav Maga and vice versa, effective use of handcuffs and batons, safe search methods, team deployment, opening corners and entering premises, VIP protection, takedowns and controls, and more
  • The course involves a comprehensive test; upon completion, participants are able to work in the capacity of a PIC Krav Maga instructor to police units
  • Prerequisites are organized into two streams:
    Stream 1: part of Expert level 2 training and certification
    Stream 2: if you’re an active member of the police at sergeant level or higher, and an active police trainer/educator
  • Post-certification requirements: the PIC certification is valid only as long as the candidate participates in a minimum of two classes per week at a KMIA studio and completes a year PIC refresher course with KMIA
  • A clean criminal record is required; a check must be completed prior to entry into the program
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